About Us

Light International School System (LISS) is an international school located in Monrovia, Liberia. The school was established in 2006 to provide quality Education, day and boarding Learning environment and facilities to children living in Liberia and children of foreign based families. The school has three campuses, Pre-Primary, primary, Junior and Senior High section located Airfield Shortcut, Sinkor, Monrovia-Liberia. The School currently has students from over 13 different countries across the globe in attendance. The school is basically science-oriented with state of the art teaching and learning facilities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare our students for leadership roles and provide them with opportunities to be successful, responsible citizens, productive employees, and effective community members.

We also aim at cultivating generations who are able to speak English which is the most commonly used language in the world. Additionally, we prepare youths to become skilled in their specialized fields, with advanced invention capabilities, honesty, morally upright, thus possessing religious and human values.
The youth equipped with the appropriate knowledge and skills will be proud representatives of their countries in international competitions, in areas of science, arts, sports, Olympia, etc.

Core Beliefs

Diversity is a permanent phenomenon in the global society therefore to live in the globe having the full benefits of life is to understand this important global phenomenon. Light International School System is the ideal place for learning and understanding cultural diversity; with students from over 37 countries across the globe,

At Light International School System, we also focus on each student’s social and emotional development. Our program allows each child to build skills to cope with challenges and successes as well as creating a positive school environment.
We promote a friendly, caring school via our Code of Conduct and Welfare programs.

Discovery as a Way of Life

STEM is not just a trend or a building at Light International School System–it’s at the core of who we are and what we do. We teach students to question, to ponder, to test and apply. Our students think, question and learn, and we’ve been successfully encouraging that for more than 15 years. Our Commons building is just one of many places on our campus where students engage in experiential learning and STEM activities.